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The BAF Department held a GST workshop on 18th August 2022. The workshop commenced from 10:45 a.m. onwards. The session was organized by TYBAF students with the help of BAF faculty, to equip the learners with knowledge of—basics, impacts, amendments, and composition of GST. Approximately 195 junior college learners and 510-degree college learners attended the workshop.

The GST workshop was conducted in three different classrooms. In the 1st classroom (i.e., 610) speaker with the use of a projector explained what GST is, its registration and why is it important to understand the concept of GST. The 2nd classroom (i.e., 619), had 5 models of GST- the 1st model was Place of supply, the 2nd was Value of Supply, the 3rd was a time of supply, the 4th was reverse charge mechanism lastly; the 5th model covered the exemptions under GST. All speakers gave real-life examples and kept the explanation interactive which made learners connect to the topic. After the informative sessions, a quiz was conducted for students in the 3rd room.

For the first time in any intra-college event, the learners created a new record of 708 participants. The workshop was managed and conducted smoothly. Overall, the workshop was very informative and useful for all the learners.




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