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Electric vehicles- Boon to existence

Imagine hustle and bustle of carbon releasing around? Carbon and its family have been
part of the important discussions when it matters to the environment. To tackle the
scenario, renewable sources of energy are been surfaced. Electricity generated
through natural sources is favored for environmental protection. Electric Vehicles –
using electricity for functioning -replaces the fuel for their operation, which has
emerged significantly.

The invention of Electric Vehicles dated back to the 18th Century, however, they are
gaining high fame in today’s era. As the emission of carbon footprint by Electric
Vehicles is fewer when compared to Petrol/ diesel Vehicles helps in the protection of
the ecosystem. Electric Vehicles have several benefits which highlight their
importance. They include easy rechargeable, simple functioning, Advanced features,
and user-friendly. The possible reason for an increase in demand for these vehicles
could be a rise in petrol prices. Russia- Ukraine war and inflation raised the petrol prices
and altered the needs of the people. This is how electric vehicles came into the picture.

It is surprising to know that the Indian automotive Industry is the fifth largest industry
in the world. Sales of Electric Vehicles are increasing every year. Many Multinational
companies have changed their processes and transformed into the EV industry
moreover lead to high investment in this sector.

So, the development in EV Industry can estimate the certainty that they can replace the
fuel vehicles with the help of AI they can change the picture of vehicle industry.”In order
to have clean air in cities, you have to go electric.”

Written by:

Sundar Tak (Sybaf A)

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