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Growth at the cost of environment

Have you ever seen animals slashed for making your trending bags or a sheep for
your outfit of the day? Every year around 100 million animals are slaughtered for the
fashion industry to deliver a massive amount of clothing and accessories. Not only
animals but the degradation of the environment is more vital than growth.

Today, we are all so updated with technology and the internet that we forgot the
harmful effects caused to our surroundings. Growth is 100% but people’s attitude
toward nature is getting worse than before. Around 15 billion trees are cut every year
mainly for getting building material, timber, or for getting fuels that can be sold later
by doing business. Green lands are thus degrading for the fulfillment of human

People are getting educated more than they were in the previous years but
education is worth it when it’s used for the right things and at the right time. Every
day thousands of incidents occur regarding environmental degradation but all that is
seen is no offense taken by the people. Every living organism in the current
biodiversity is having severe harmful effects of which nearly more than 50% are
getting extinct.

Bringing technology and making things manageable is the best part of any modern
innovation. If a country can focus on ways to bring economic growth so do the
responsibility of maintaining their natural resources safe and conserved with them.
As it’s said, “You can try to achieve anything that you want but if against mother
nature nothing will be accomplished except for the end of the entire world”.

Written by:

Shikha Desai (SYBAF A)


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