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FIFO- 2022

The students of the BAF department conducted FIFO (farewell) for TYBAF students to thank them for their guidance and give them best wishes for their future ahead. This event was smoothly planned and executed in the Auditorium on 16th April 2022 from 1.30 pm onwards.

The event was begun with prayer and followed by video clips and behind-the-scenes in the classroom of seniors. There was a Bharatnatyam dance and song prepared by the first-year students which started the event in full force. SY and FY students had prepared a skit that was kept secret and was the show-stopper of the whole evening. Students depicted the personality traits of their seniors and even teachers. This was followed by a song sung and written by the band team to express how much they will miss their seniors. There were endless claps and hooting from TY students. Forthcoming were group dances, couple dances, and individual dances. For the climax of the cultural activity, the organizing committee kept the fashion show. The lifts and curves had not let people present in the auditorium blink their eyes.

Then to the end, achievers of the year were awarded certificates from Dr.Nishikant Jha sir and Ruchi Negi ma’am. Our vice principal and BAF student coordinator- Dr.Nishikant Jha gave a wonderful power speech for TY students and thanked the team of SY and FY students who got this event to great success and reminded all that it was not an end but the beginning.

By Krutika Ghoghari TYBAF A


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